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Training and Education

The MNADV provides training and education to domestic violence advocates, a broad spectrum of agencies and systems, and allied professionals who encounter domestic violence in their work. To see currently scheduled trainings and education events, please access the Events section of this website.


Throughout the year, MNADV sponsors workshops, trainings, and conferences to provide professionals across the state with knowledge and skills to improve their response to domestic violence. MNADV Trainers are also available to provide training on domestic violence-related topics on a limited basis. Specific trainings include, but are not limited to, our 5 day Advocate Training and Health Care trainings. Please complete the form below to request a training for your event or group.

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MNADV provides domestic violence education by making informational brochures and publications available. To view, download, or request a supply of our brochures, please visit Our Brochures.

Each February, MNADV holds an Annual Memorial Service in Annapolis. This event recognizes the men, women, and children who died as a result of domestic violence in Maryland. The event is open to the public and all Marylanders who care about ending domestic violence are invited to attend. For information about domestic violence-related deaths, visit Deaths in Maryland. In addition to recognizing victims who died, the purpose of the event is to expand awareness about domestic violence to the public and legislators in Maryland. Proposed state legislation that impacts domestic violence victims is addressed at the Memorial Service.