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Maryland Domestic Violence Victims will get Improved Health Care Services Through new Training

Maryland Domestic Violence Victims will get Improved Health Care Services Through new Training

Statewide Domestic Violence Coalition is Awarded Grant to Provide Health Care Training

November 12, 2012—The Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence (MNADV) will provide free domestic violence training for approximately 300 health care professionals at 12 facilities around the state during the coming year, thanks to a grant from the Verizon Foundation.According to Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell at Johns Hopkins University, 44% of women murdered by an intimate partner visited an emergency room in the preceding two years. Many domestic violence victims seek medical services for injuries, chronic pain, and routine check-ups, and are oftentimes not screened for domestic violence. Screening can provide early identification and intervention to help reduce injuries and decrease health care costs.

MNADV trainings give health care providers the knowledge and expertise they need to improve their standard of care for victims. Participants learn specialized techniques for working with patients, such as the use of effective strategies and guidelines for identification, screening, documentation, and referrals.

MNADV trainers will help trainees understand the prevalence, dynamics, and social and medical impacts of domestic violence and provide them with the set of skills to deal with this difficult issue with their patients. “We, at the MNADV, are so grateful to Verizon for recognizing the importance of our training efforts in the health care setting and how it translates to expanded care for abused victims. As more health care professionals become aware of domestic violence as a public health issue, the demand for specialized training continues to increase. This funding will allow us to meet the demand.”

In 2012, MNADV trained over 400 health care professionals in domestic violence, including doctors, nurses, and health department personnel. Michaele Cohen, MNADV executive director, said, “We are thrilled to have been the recipient of Verizon’s generosity. Medical settings are major entry points for domestic violence victims seeking assistance. This training can help the medical community become more astute in its response to these individuals.”

These trainings are conducted in collaboration with the Maryland Health Care Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which is a network of professionals who work to provide leadership within health care and promote an effective response to domestic violence.

For more information, contact Michaele Cohen, Executive Director, Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence at 301-352-4574 or mcohen@mnadv.org.