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Annual Legislative Agenda: Domestic Violence Legislation

State House (from College Ave.), Annapolis, Maryland, April 2007. Photo by Diane F. Evartt. Maryland State Archives

The 2015 Legislative Agenda has been updated as of 2/24/15.

The 2015 Legislative Agenda is available as a PDF here.

PLEASE NOTE: This list contains select pieces of legislation and does not include all of the MNADV’s positions on all bills before the Maryland General Assembly.

To download the Final Report from 2014 as a PDF, go here: 2014 Final Report

To download the Final Report from 2013 as a PDF, go here: MNADV 2013 Legislative Agenda.

Bills supported by MNADV

Priority Legislation

  • Other Related Bills of Interest: HB 225/SB 269 Domestic Violence – Additional Relief

  • Other Related Bills of Interest: HB 224/SB 315 Domestic Violence – 2-Year Protective Order

  • Other Related Bills of Interest: HB 606/SB 477 Domestic Violence – Persons Eligible for Relief

Other Bills of Interest

  • HB 227/SB____ Family Law – Domestic Violence – Definition of Abuse

  • HB 263/SB ____ Domestic Violence – Permanent Protective Orders – Conspiracy or Solicitation to Commit Murder

  • HB 270/SB 404 Criminal Law – Arson, Burning, and Malicious Destruction of Property – Definition

  • SB 270/HB 390 Protective Order and Peace Order Petitions – Maryland Residents

  • SB 277/HB 807 Family Law – Protective Orders – Additional Relief

  • SB 530/HB 857 Criminal Procedure – Firearms – Transfer

  • HB 165/SB ____ Family Law – Grounds for Limited Divorce

  • SB 40/HB 385 Labor and Employment – Maryland Healthy Working Families Act

  • SB 74/HB 739 Task Force to Study Maternal Mental Health

Bills Opposed by MNADV

For further information about the Legislative Agenda, contact:

Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence
4601 Presidents Drive, Suite 370, Lanham, MD 20706
Tel: 301-429-3601 Fax: 301-429-3605
E-mail: info@mnadv.org Website: www.mnadv.org

For information on bills, legislators, synopses, budget, etc. go to mlis.state.md.us or call Legislative Services at 301-970-5200 or 410-946-5200.

Note: Committee votes are now available online on the Maryland General Assembly website. Look under the Documents section at the bottom of the bill information page. When a committee vote is available a link is provided to the vote record in pdf format.

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