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Deaths in Maryland

About Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence-Related Deaths in Maryland


Fifty-four (54) individuals died in Maryland between July 2013 and June 2014 as a result of domestic violence.  Of the 24 adult female victims, all were killed by their intimate partner (boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, husband or ex-husband).  There was 1 male infant killed by his father.  Of the 12 adult male victims who died, 3 were killed by their same-sex partner or boyfriend, 2 were killed by their wives, and 1 was killed by his girlfriend.  Additionally, 2 were killed by their girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, 1 was killed by his ex-wife’s boyfriend, 1 was killed by his girlfriend and her friends, 1 was killed by his intimate partner’s husband, and 1 man was killed by his step-father.  Thirteen (13) men and 1 woman committed suicide after actual or attempted murder; 3 men were killed by the police.

Ninety-eight (98%) percent (53) of the domestic violence-related deaths were adults older than eighteen. Of the domestic violence fatalities between July 2013 and June 2014, 40 or 74% were committed with a firearm.  Knives were used in 10 homicides (19%).  Other causes of death were strangulation (2) and blunt force trauma (2).

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