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About Domestic Violence

A Guide to Ordering Our Brochures

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Please click on any of the brochures below to view and download them onto your computer. All of these brochures can be downloaded and re-printed for your own personal use.

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You can order up to 100 brochures to be mailed to you for FREE each year. You can request up to 30 of each brochure (For example, you can request 10 of all of our full-size brochures, or 25 each of all four in our “Shoe Card” Collection). Please allow 1-2 weeks for your order to be processed. If you need your order sooner, you may pick them up from our office (see Pick Up option below).

To Pick Up for Free (Limited Quantities)

If you need up to 150 brochures, you can pick them up from our office in Lanham. In this case, please indicate on the form below which brochures you’d like and how many of each (up to 50 of each). Please indicate in your message  that you will pick them up and the date they will be picked up. Please allow at least one full business day for processing. You may call ahead to ensure that your request was received, processed, and is ready for pick-up. Pick up times are Monday through Friday from 9:00 am-5:00 pm. Please call 301-429-3601 to check  availability after 5:00 pm. Orders must be picked up within 5 business days.

To Order at Cost (Larger Quantities)

For larger quantities (over 100 total or more than 30 of each to be mailed OR over 150 total or more than 50 of each to pick up), or if you’ve received the maximum amount of free publications for the year,  you are welcome to purchase these brochures at cost plus shipping. Sales tax may apply. In the box below, please indicate which brochures you’d like, how many of each that you need,  and we will email a quote to you. You can pay by check or we can invoice you through Paypal.

It Shouldn’t Hurt to Go Home

A popular booklet about domestic violence known as our “purple book” and “blue book.”


What to Do when your Home Isn’t Safe: Obtaining Protective Orders and Peace Orders

A guide for victims who are considering seeking civil legal protection from the courts in Maryland.

NOTE: The English version is currently OUT OF STOCK! Any orders for this brochure will be placed on a wait list until they are re-printed. In the meantime, you can print off the PDF by clicking on the photo below.


Domestic Abuse: A Problem at any Age

Older adults can experience domestic violence at the hands of an intimate partner, an adult child, or a caregiver.


Does this Happen to You?

For victims who are low-vision or who have low literacy skills, this brochure illustrates the cycle of violence.


Stalking: A Guide for Victims (English only)

This brochure contains information on stalking, how to get help, and how to safety plan.

Domestic Violence and the Workplace: It’s Everybody’s Business (English only)

A brochure for employers and employees.

The Shoe Card Collection

Tri-fold help cards so small and so discrete that they can fit in a shoe!


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Please choose the quantities of the brochures that you would like. Please remember: up to a total of 100 brochures (no more than 30 of each) can be mailed. Up to 150 total brochures (no more than 50 of each) can be picked up.

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The Purple Book: It Shouldn't Hurt to Go Home (English)

The Blue Book: It Shouldn't Hurt to Go Home (Spanish)

What to Do When Your Home Isn't Safe: Obtaining Protective and Peace Orders (English)

What to Do When Your Home Isn't Safe: Obtaining Protective and Peace Orders (Spanish)

Domestic Abuse: A Problem at Any Age (English)

Domestic Abuse: A Problem at Any Age (Spanish)

Does This Happen to You? (English)

Does This Happen to You? (Spanish)

Stalking: A Guide for Victims (English)

Domestic Violence and the Workplace: It's Everybody's Business (English)

Shoe Card: English (black)

Shoe Card: Spanish (purple)

Shoe Card: LGBT (rainbow)

Shoe Card: Teen (blue)

If you would like to request larger quantities, or if you are requesting over 100 total brochures to be mailed (or over 150 total brochures to be picked up), please indicate the names and quantities of the brochures that you would like to receive, if you would like them mailed or picked up, and if you will pay by check or would like to be invoiced through Paypal.

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We will provide the exact quantity of brochures that you are requesting whenever possible. In some instances, you may receive fewer brochures due to low inventory, or in the event that you request more than the maximum allowable quantities.

If your order is time-sensitive, please contact us at (301) 429-3601 or info@mnadv.org to follow-up on your order and to verify that it has been received.